UANA 2018-2020 Candidates

President-Elect Candidate:

Dan Bunker (click to read bio)

Secretary/Treasurer Candidates:

Calvin Kremin
Krystal Tipping

Board Member Candidates (Two will be elected):

Travis Berni
Kyle Comin
Art Shimata

President-Elect Candidate:

Dan Bunker, DNAP, CRNA

I appreciate the opportunity to be given the chance to become the president-elect for the UANA over the next two years. I have been able to meet and get to know many of you through our past affiliations through the Utah Association of Nurse Anesthetists (UANA). I have been lucky enough to be on the board since 2010 as the secretary/treasurer, president-elect, president, and currently a board member. The work has been difficult at times, but I love our profession and I feel that more can still be done to strengthen the CRNA profession in Utah. The climate is slowly changing for the better, and I think the next four years will be critical in regards to anesthesia practice. I am willing and able to put in the time to represent what we do.

I am an assistant professor at Westminster College in the CRNA program and still practice anesthesia in a handful of areas. I’ve been married for over 27 years and have four children from 22 to 15 years old. I live in Highland and love to road and mountain bike. I appreciate the chance to serve you again over the next four years.

Secretary/­Treasurer Candidates:

Calvin Kremin, MSN, CRNA

My name is Calvin Kremin. I grew up in Vernal, Utah. I graduated from Weber State College in 1984 with my ADN. I then attended the University of Utah graduating with my BSN in 1987. I served in the US military for 28 years during that time I attended the USAF Nurse Anesthetist program graduating in 1994 from the University Of Texas at San Antonio with my MSN. I was stationed in Japan, at Hill AFB, and finally Offut AFB in Omaha Nebraska. In 2003 I was deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi freedom and retired from the USAF in 2006. I then moved to Layton Utah and have been practicing at Ogden Regional Medical Center. I have had the opportunity to be a solo provider on deployment and in a group setting with 10 other CRNAs and MDs. I have seen some of the challenges on both ends of the practice spectrum.

I also served as the CRNA member on the State Board of Nursing for over 4 years, where I gained valuable insight into the complexities of the Nurse Practice Act, legislative process as well as the legal and ethical issues facing Nurses in the State today. I’ve been nominated as the UANA secretary /treasurer and would use all of the skills available to me to serve the CRNA population to the best of my ability.

Krystal Tipping, MSNA, CRNA

My name is Krystal Tipping; I grew up in Ogden, Utah and attended Weber State University where I received my ADN, and BSN degrees. I had the opportunity to attend and graduate with honors and received a Masters of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. It was an incredible experience. I received my first job as a CRNA just north of Atlanta in Gainesville Georgia at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center. I had an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a new graduate. I wanted to learn and do it all. I worked with fellow CRNA’s on the Labor and Delivery team and the CV team. After two years of working in Georgia, I was offered a position back in Utah with Rocky Mountain Anesthesia at Ogden Regional Medical Center. After seven years with Rocky Mountain and the great folks at Ogden Regional, I moved on to becoming an independent contractor. I have had the opportunity to work at multiple facilities, offices, surgical centers providing anesthesia and injection in Northern Utah. I have three crazy children, 5-year-old twins, and a 17-month-old baby, and an awesome, supportive husband of 15 years. I love being a nurse anesthetist.

I have had the opportunity to meet many CRNA’s throughout this state and understand the worries and concerns we have. Regardless if we are independent contractors, work in rural or urban areas, or are employees of an anesthesia group or hospital organization, we need to be a united front and work together to improve the future of our profession in the State of Utah, and the nation. I have been nominated as a candidate for the position of secretary/treasurer for the UANA. If nominated, I will eagerly and gladly serve our association and would be honored to represent the UANA to the best of my abilities. Not only am I aware of the pending changes that could greatly effect us, I understand the importance of details and building bridges to help improve the climate for CRNA’s in our state.

Board Member Candidates:

Travis Berni, MSN, CRNA

My name is Travis Berni. I grew up in North Ogden, Utah but currently reside in South Jordan. I am happily married and have four kids, who my wife and I enjoy chasing around to baseball games and dance competitions. I am currently the chief CRNA for Utah Gastroenterology. We are an all CRNA group that employs approximately 20 CRNAs throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Prior to coming to Utah I worked for Arizona Heart Anesthesia, in Phoenix Arizona. As an independent practitioner I enjoyed doing a variety of complicated anesthetic procedures. I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s CRNA program and have a good understanding of the various types of anesthesia models.

I am very proud to be a CRNA. I feel that CRNAs offer a level of anesthetic care that no one else can. As a member of the board, I will work to protect our rights to do the job we love. I am disappointed by the division between MDs and CRNAs. I feel that we should be able to work together to protect our way of life and provide a safe and positive experience for our patients. We should be working together to prevent reimbursement cuts and excessive regulation that adversely affect the care we give. With all that said, I am a CRNA first and am against any legislation that prevents us from working autonomously or allows other, less qualified, personnel to take our jobs. I am interested in serving on the board because it is time for me to get involved and not just sit back and watch someone else make decisions that affect my way of life.

Kyle Comin, MS, CRNA

My name is Kyle Comin and I would like to run for a board position with the UANA. I grew up in Casper and Evanston Wyoming. I attended Midwestern University-Glendale in Arizona and earned my nurse anesthesia degree in 2013. I have been married for 13 to my amazing wife Danielle. We have 4 wonderful children: Brighton (12), Porter (9), Graham (6), and Remy (3). We spend a lot of our time outdoors. Some of my hobbies include rock climbing, running and skiing. I currently live in Gunnison. I am the sole provider at Gunnison Valley Hospital.

I would like to run for this position because I have a true passion for anesthesia practice. I have an optimistic outlook on the profession and want to make a difference in the field. As a board member, I would be the voice of rural CRNAs. I think it is important for rural CRNAs to be represented on the board since so many of us live and practice in these smaller communities. I have always enjoyed working in rural areas that require a high level of autonomy and throughout my experience have found that there is a greater need for this skill set in our profession. I am committed to serving as a board member and hope to get your support.

Art Shimata, DNAP, CRNA

Hello fellow CRNAs. Many of you I know from many of the UANA meetings but wanted to give you a little background on myself. Originally from Hawaii, I joined the Air Force 1986, and started my medical career as a flight medic. After Desert Storm/Shield I got out and went to nursing school here in Utah at Weber State. After practicing for several years I decided to attend anesthesia school. I finished my BSN and in 1999 I attended Gonzaga University and became a CRNA in 2002. I have been practicing for 16 years doing everything from teaching, to locums, to solo practice, to combined CRNA/MDA practice, owning a business, serving on the UANA as the Federal Political Director and serving as a Board Member. I feel that I know the issues that go along with all of these practices, and duties. I am also open and willing to listen and understand the personal issues that befall us all in our various practices.

I am not seeking election for any misanthropic reasons, but rather, I feel an obligation as a CRNA, to my career. My hopes are to encourage members to voice their concerns. I fully realize the sensitive matter of CRNAs in collaborative practices and opt out issues. I believe that we have to be aware of the growing efforts of MDAs and their encouraging AA programs. I believe we should strongly fight any efforts on this particular front. I know many are busy with their profession, and personal lives, but as a fellow CRNA and member of this great profession it is vital that we all be involved. One letter from one constituent to one senator can and will make the difference. Thank you for all of your efforts to this magnificent profession.